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Don Cesar - Best Rated Don Cesar Hotel

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Don CeSar Hotel FL

Located in St. Pete Beach Florida, The Don CeSar Hotel is a Loews Hotel that has had many famous guests. It was first opened in 1928 as the pink castle of owner Thomas Rowe. It was especially popular in the Great Gatsby Era and even survived the Great Depression. It suffered after World War II when Rowe died but has been restored since. The hotel is found right in right by the beach and offers a panoramic view of the ocean.

Cesar Hotel Side

Thomas Rowe's pink castle opened in 1928 and has since housed many guests. It is found right by the beach and the offers a panoramic view of the ocean in St. Pete Beach, Florida. It is a great place to stay in if you want to have a vacation by the beach and in fact, some legendary stars also stayed there to do the same thing! Some of its 277 rooms also have private terraces that will enhance your beach vacation experience.

Don Cesar Hotel In St Pete Fl

The Don CeSar Hotel in St. Pete Florida is legendary because of the legendary names that stayed in it. It opened in 1928 to become one of the most famous hotels of the time. It even survived the Great Depression partly because of a deal that was made with the New York Yankees. While it suffered for a few decades after its founder's death, the hotel has since been restored and is now a Lowes Hotel. The hotel has 277 rooms, some with private terraces and panoramic ocean views. If you don't feel like being in the ocean itself, you can also take a dip on one of the hotel's two beachfront pools.

Don Cesar Hotel In Florida

The Don CeSar Hotel, found in St. Pete Beach in Florida, is a kind of architectural wonder. First of all, it's bright pink and has been since it opened in 1928. The architecture of the hotel is a blend of Moorish and Mediterranean styles and even though it is found by the beach, the structure has no evidences of settling. It became famous almost as soon as it opened and a lot of famous people, like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Clarence Darrow, Al Capone, Lou Gehrig, and Franklin D. Roosevelt stayed in it. Today it is managed by Lowes Hotels.

Cesar Hotel St Petersburg

Ever wanted to go back to the Great Gatsby Era? Well, the Don CeSar Hotel in St. Pete Beach, Florida, might be a good enough alternative. Founder Thomas Rowe referred to his hotel as the "Pink Lady" because of its pink color and the structure really stands out in the beach. A lot of famous people stayed there when it first opened in 1928 and it has managed to maintain much of its charm. As a plus, one of its restaurants, the Maritana Grille, is considered one of the best restaurants in Florida.

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