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Heavy Punching Bags 101

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Best Punching Bags

Having a punching bag is a great way to practice kickboxing and perfect for workouts. You could either have the standing punch bag or the hanging punching bag. A heavy bag or a punch bag would weigh 250 lbs to 300 lbs. The heavier the bag the more you can focus on strength and agility. The best punching bag on our book is the standing type since you can move it around.

Best Punch Bag - Leather, Vinyl, Canvas

If you are into boxing and martial arts, then you should have a punching bag to practice on. There are many types of materials used for punching bags. You can choose from leather, vinyl or canvas. The leather is the best type of material for a punching bag because it is durable and long lasting. If you want a cheaper type of bag, you can go for the vinyl bag which is almost the same as the leather bag. An amateur would consider the vinyl bags as the best punch bags because it serves its purpose without creating a hole in the pocket.

Best Punching Bag

The Everlast 4008 Traditional Heavy Bag weighs 80 pounds. This bag had been punching the competitors and is constantly on the top spot. The leather-like vinyl material or what they call as Nevatear is what protects the bag from the constant beating. You could either hang the bag or place it on a bag stand since it comes with a chain attachment. Definitely a must buy for boxers and martial artists.

300 Lb Heavy Bag

Punching bags are also known as heavy bags. When a standing punching bag is filled, it could weigh as heavy as 300 lb. You can either choose to put water or sand as the filling for the heavy bag. Water is preferred by many because it provides a more energy feedback and adds a realistic feel when punching. Although, the sand could have the bag weigh more that is also great in training.

300 Lb Punching Bag

TKO and Everlast are the top two manufacturers of punching bags. Each brand has a counterpart for a 300 lb punching bag. TKO is cheaper and is usually the choice of gym owners. On the other hand, Everlast is on the high end of the market but would assure great and very high quality equipment.

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