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7 Batteries For Laptops

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Buy Computer Battery

Sealed, maintenance-free lead-acid batteries are the usual batteries found in uninterpretable power supply (UPS) devices. The back-up battery inside a UPS can power a desktop computer for less than 10 minutes or up to a few hours. Laptop batteries are usually the lithium-ion type or the newer lithium-ion polymer type. Similar to the older nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) battery, these lithium-ion batteries can be partially discharged and recharged, repeatedly, without causing damage (unlike the even older Ni-Cd batteries). The main disadvantage of the lithium-ion type batteries is that they degrade with time whether or not they are used (discharged and recharged). Lithium-ion type batteries usually don't last much longer than two years even if they're left in storage. It's worth checking the manufacturing date before buying a replacement lithium-ion type battery.

Dell Computer Battery

Dell offers both its own brand of battery chargers as well as compatible chargers from other manufacturers (Toshiba, Belkin, Duracell, etc.). Original equipment manufacturers (such as Simple Micro ) also offer chargers for Dell and other PC brands. Choose an OEM company that offers warranties on its products. Finally, some good quality universal chargers have been designed to work on various branded laptop batteries (e.g., ).

Computer Battery Charger

In addition to the usual pluggable AC or DC battery chargers, solar battery chargers and their associated accessories (inverters, auto-charge controllers, etc.) are now available from such companies as Coleman, Powefilm, iSun, Maha, Solio, Sunbender, Silicon Solar, and many other companies. Prices range from about $40 upwards. These chargers are obviously ideal if there is a need for using portable computer equipment in remote outdoor locations. They can also of course be used at residential and office locations that have access to sunlight or sufficient artificial light. Their only disadvantages, compared to regular chargers, are that they don't charge batteries as fast as the regular chargers and they don't work without light.

Laptop Notebook Batteries

Replacement laptop batteries are best purchased from the specific computer manufacturer or from an OEM company. However, there are third-party external batteries that have been designed to provide the appropriate voltages and currents for most laptop makes and models. The universal type with adjustable voltage selectors are popular, but care on choosing the correct voltage for each laptop brand and model is mandatory. Some portable external batteries are provided with their own carrying case and associated accessories. Battery safety protection systems against overcharging, overheating, over-discharge, short-circuits, etc. should come as standard.

Spare And High Capacity Batteries

Laptop batteries (spare or high-capacity external) are priced usually according to watt-hour capacity, maximum current rating, and available voltage range. Designs that provide the most watt-hour with the least weight are the most desirable when traveling. Most laptop bags have compartments for carrying external batteries, but a large battery might require its own separate case. Durability is also a factor since bumps and drops are not unusual when traveling. A hardbound case is often sufficient to prevent such kind of damage.

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