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Ipod Headphones - Best and Highest Rated

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Headphones Earphones Reviews

Headphones have had a tremendous technological advance in the last decades. They went from over-sized ear muffs to an advanced electronic instrument capable of reproducing sound with high fidelity. The introduction of portable sound reproduction devices has made earphones an everyday item for a big crowd in the United States and other countries. If you read reviews from companies like you will likely find that the Shure SE530 earphones are one of the most advanced equipment out there. The price is steep at $450 but they sound like you are at the concert venue where your favorite band is playing.

Best Bud Earphones

The Etymological ER-6i are one of the best purchases you can make. It costs around $80 while getting a high quality product, it is very portable, comfortable to use for long periods and looks great. In all and all the Etymotic earphone offers great value for it's price. According to it was named the best-value earphones, this product will make a great match for your iPod, and they cost less compared to other high-end earphones.

Earbuds Bose And Grado Earplugs

If you want to listen music with high fidelity, avoiding noises from the outside world you should be looking for the Grado SR80 Professional Headphones. This headphones are one of the most advanced sound reproducing electronics in the market. They have a capacity to reproduce sounds ranging from 20 hz to 20,000 khz, weighing only 32 oz. The cost is high ate around $150, but they are a must piece of hardware for your home recording studio, or for people who want to enjoy their favorite music in a crowded office. The headphones have high scores in all user reviews sites where they are sold like You might also consider earbuds from Bose or Grado for your personal listening pleasure.

Bose Ipod Players And Headphone Reviews For Ipod

The AKG K702 headphone was rated by as the best headphone in the market. It offers high quality music sound, works well with low power devices such as the iPod and has a great design that fits perfectly in your head that will make your music listening experience a comfortable experience. It has an attractive design, and has the same quality of sound as headphones that cost twice as that. For an average of $300 you can buy a great headset that will make you listen music for hours, knowing that you are getting much more that what you payed for. Bose makes a docking station and a Bose Ipod players are highly rated online.

Ipod Nano Speakers

Most iPod users say they prefer earphones vs headphones when it come to using the most popular digital music player. That is why rated the Etymological ER-6i as the best option for a high end earphone product. It doesn't cost as much and it is capable of most of the technical feats as the most expensive competitor. In peer reviews in sites such as and it always gets good reviews, making it a product that offers great value at $80. In regards to Ipod Nano speakers, there are many options available for battery powered speakers. The most economical are the ones that have a single powered speaker and are very portable.

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