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DVD Burners - Best and Highest Rated

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Best Rated Dvd Writers

DVD burners and writers are almost a must have nowadays.  If you're looking to burn your favorite movie, your photo albums, or just to store several gigabytes of data, a best rated DVD writer might be your best bet.

Check out some of the detailed research we have below.

Dvd Writer - Questions To Ask

Unfortunately, it's fairly difficult to find information about DVD writers and reviews are even harder to find.  First, consider your options.  Are you going to be buying a brand new computer and you're wondering if the DVD writer included will work for you?  Or are you considering upgrading or buying an external DVD writer?

Best Dvd Writer Review

If you're looking to get a computer with a built in DVD writer, then you're probably not needing help choosing a DVD writer.

This information is for those people who want to buy a separate DVD writer.  First, take a look at the local newspaper or your local electronics store.  Look for an external DVD writer that's on sale.  Next,  look those up in the most popular DVD retail websites such as Amazon and Best Buy.  If the price is good, it might make sense to purchase it. 

Now that you know what a good price is for a DVD writer - you can examine the top rated writers to see if they match up.

Best Rated Dvd Burner

What is the best rated DVD burner?  The quick answer is, find the fastest you can get for the price.  Get an external writer that you can plug into your computer or take it with you to plug into another computer.  Finally, it usually makes sense to connect via a USB cable or Firewire cord.

Here's some quick ideas for the best -- fastest and least expensive DVD writers.

Dvd Burners Ratings

The best rated and least expensive external DVD writers are:

  • Samsung SE-S084B/RSBN External Slim USB DVD-Writer
  • Iomega 34394 22x Super DVD Writer
  • Lite-On ESAU208-01 Slim External DVD Writer (this one is cheap but slow)
Whatever you decide, you can find additional reviews and information throughout this website.


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