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Fireplaces - Best Rated Gas Fireplace

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Best Fireplaces

A fireplace is an elegant architectural structure that gives warmth and ambiance into a home. The structure offers a focal point within a room and depending on the design it could act as an aesthetic enhancing interior accessory. A suitable fireplace should be able to combine aesthetic values with functionality in order to fully satisfy the consumer. The material use should be durable enough to sustain high temperatures from the fire therefore brick, and reinforced metal are usually used due their durability and ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

Best Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are a suitable alternatives to the conventional wood fireplaces. They save users the hassle of always lugging in wood and dealing with the ash, soot and other residue that remains. The ideal gas fireplaces use propane or natural gas to create combustion. The gas fireplaces are well in the range of many people’s budgets however they require specialized gas installations. Some of the major brands in the market Mendota, Heat and Glo, empire and Monesse.

Best Rated Gas Fireplace

The most highly regarded gas fireplace is the Vantage line from Heat and Glo. This brand offers the highest quality, designed with housing contractors in mind. The Vantage Fireplace Models have good performance and simple installation procedures, with an affordable price. They come in four sizes, 42", 36", 32" as well as the deluxe 28". All of these models have a slim line body which allows users to save more space while still enjoying the use of the fireplace. The appliances all have multiple venting ability. To enhance these fireplaces, Heat and Glo introduced a brand of surrounds which add a good finishing touch. Their prices range from $1000 or more.

Stained Glass Fireplace Screens

With so many options to pick from, fireplace screens are becoming a very popular statement of style. Some of the newer ideas include stained glass fireplace screens and various ornate (and expensive) options. Finding these stained glass screens and is a bit difficult. Your best bet is to call local fireplace installation companies and ask them for local artisans. Your other option is to order online and have them shipped, but shipping these fragile items is expensive.

Gas Fireplace Insert Review

When going out to look for a gas fireplace it is imperative that you peruse through reviews to find out the ratings of various fireplaces. There are various websites, directories and blogs which offer specifications, user ratings, expert opinion and other supplementary information concerning the various models sites such as, and can offer potential buyers the information that they goes a step further to inform buyers about custom made fireplaces.

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