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Cordless - Best Rated Cordless Drill

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Best Cordless Power Tools

Makita Power tools are known to be the best in the market. Their tools are the best because they deliver high power and performance that is good enough for the professional. It will come as no surprise then, that they also offer the best cordless power tools in the market. Makita was the first to offer Lithium-ion batteries in their products, so their batteries tend to last longer than others that are available in the market.

Best Hand Drill

The best hand drill out there is the best one for your use. Hand drills come in different shapes, sizes and weights and are also available corded or cordless. Prices also vary since some are just under a hundred dollars while others cost a couple of hundred. Panasonic drills are reviewed to do well but if you need something for heavy-duty work, you might want to consider Makita. Makita might cost a little more than others but they are regarded as the best in the industry.

Cordless Drill Review

There are many cordless drills available in the market today, giving the power tool buyer a lot of options--perhaps even too many. Cordless drills come in range of weights, sizes, and shapes although most maintain gun-like shape. If you're just a hobbyist who doesn't demand a lot from power tools, the Panasonic EY6432GQKW has been getting rave reviews. However, if you want to do more heavy-duty work, you should really look into Makita's product range. Makita is also the pioneer in using Li-on batteries so their drills last longer between charges.

Cordless Power Drill

What is the best cordless power drill, you may ask? It depends on your use but what is important is that you get something that is powerful and lasts long enough for your use. Lithion-ion batteries tend to be a little expensive but they are better considering they deliver in both power and longevity. Consider also getting a power drill with a fast charger since you wouldn't want to wait forever for your drill to charge.

Best Cordless Drill

If you're not demanding too much from your cordless drill then the Panasonic EY6432GQKW is a product that is worth your consideration. It is a product that has been getting pretty good overall reviews. When tested, it even ranked higher than other drill with higher voltage. It is powerful enough while not being too heavy or light in just the right price. It is a fairly balanced product that is good enough for the moderate user.

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