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2 Clothes Hanger Ideas - Best Door Hangers

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Best Clothes Hangers

If you think that a hanger is just a hanger then you are wrong. There are many types of hangers for different use. The best clothes hangers are catered for the type of fabric and clothe that you have to hang on them. Knitted clothes and vintage clothes are best hanged with a padded hanger to avoid damage. You might want to avoid wire hangers as well because they have the tendency of damaging your clothes. So you see, hangers are not just hangers, they can help you protect the clothes that you love.

Best Wooden Hangers

Wooden hangers are durable and elegant at the same time. If you notice, the best suits are always paired with wooden hangers because they add appeal to the cloth when in display at the rack. It was actually Thomas Jefferson who invented the wooden hanger. The best wooden hangers are handcrafted to perfection. It should also meet your hanging needs and should have a wide selection of accessories like clips and drop and bar attachments.

Best Clothing Hangers is a great website that offers different kind of hangers for different needs. You could buy a hanger especially designed for skirts or pants. You could also get a plastic hanger that is cheaper especially if you buy it in bulk. Or a velvet hanger for slippery fabrics like silk. Hangers are designed for organizing your closet but the best clothing hanger are designed to protect your clothes as well.

Door Clothes Hangers

Door clothes hanger are perfect for creating extra storage space. If your regular closet space is full, consider getting a door clothes hanger. This is perfect for hanging your shirts, pants,and other apparels like belts and hats. If you are planning to buy one, avoid plastic and go for the durable materials like steel or wood. You might want to check on the size and the weight capacity to ensure that it is really the one that you need.

Door Clothes Hanger

An over the door clothes hanger should fit securely over standard interior doors. This type of hanger offers a great solution for organizational and space problems. You can buy a single hook hanger or a 6 hook hanger or just about any number of hooks that you need. This type of hangers are perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms and closets. You can easily get one at Target or Walmart or any DIY shops.

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