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Clothes Dryer - Best and Highest Rated

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Best Clothes Washer And Dryer

There are many brands to choose when it comes down to buying a clothes washer and dryer, and people should be careful in choosing the brand of their appliances. When buying their washing equipment you should take in consideration, but generally speaking higher quality washing appliances come with a front load door, this new design saves energy, water, and space if they are stacked vertically. The front load washers and dryers on average cost more than a normal top load equipment. According to the best washer and dryer, are the Samsung WF448AAW and the Kenmore Elite Oasis ST 78092 gas dryer.

Fastest Clothes Dryer

Samsung has the best performance as a gas clothes dryer according to J.D. Power & Associates. But in overall most gas dryers that have frontal load are more efficient than their top load counterparts. According to the Kenmore Elite Oasis ST 68092 gas dryer is the brand that has most bang for your buck, it has top performance as a Samsung, but it lacks Samsung's sense of style.

Frigidare Clothes Dryer

Frigidare has a full range of clothes dryers ranging form the very cheap around $360 to the mid price range at $900. This is one of the most popular brands to their affordability. If your looking for a machine that can do the job while not being picky about performance this is the right brand to choose. According to J.D. Power & Associates the overall line of Frigidaire dryers score a 3 out of 5. While not the best equipment out there you should consider Frigidare if you are on a budget and searching for a dryer.

Best Washer Dryers On The Market

Korean manufacturers Samsung and LG have the best rated washing equipment in the market according to J.D. Power & Associates. They are incredibly well built, whilemaintaining an incredibly stylish feel and look. The Samsung and LG clothes washing machines and dryer where a hit with consumers due to their stainless steel look, performance and ease of use. If you would like to know more about these dryers you can do so at

Clothes Dryer Maytag

The Maytag line of clothing dryers are manufactured with people that have budget restraints, but that are searching for an appliance that can be dependable. While it does not break any performance records, the Maytag dryers are meant for the normal consumer. While it does not have LG and Samsung's stylish looks, they are quality products at an affordable price. There are many reviews on the internet about Maytag's dryer, the most trusted ones can be found at

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