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Best Shower Door - Highest Rated

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Best Shower Door

Kohler is considered one of the best sliding doors in the market. They have received high marks for their quality, and they are available at most hardware stores like Home Depot. The Kohler Purist 36" Steam Pivot Shower Door is a great door that cost around $100. It can be installed to open either to the right or left to perfectly fit the layout of your room. There are other doors that are more stylish that cost more, but it will ultimately come down to the budget you are going for. There are other sites where you can find a wide selection of doors you would want to check out before you make any purchase like

Best Shower Doors

Kohler also produces the Purist Frameless Pivot Shower Door Vibrant Brushed Nickel. It cost a bit under $800, it's one of their most expensive doors but users said that it gives an large open feel for your shower experience. With labor included this item will cost around $1500.

Frameless Sliding Glass Shower

Frameless Sliding Glass Shower doors have style, they will make your bathroom look like they where designed by a top interior designer. They have minimalist look, that can be adjusted to any size, and can be adjusted to open to any side of your bathroom. It come is 1/4" crystal clear or in Frosted Glass Style. Users that bought this door in have rated it five stars and they cost around $547 each.

Frameless Sliding Shower

If you are the proud owner of a small bathroom you should consider installing a sliding shower door. The save space, they may be expensive to install, but they will be worth every penny, and will leave your bathroom looking great. One of the best sliding doors you will find out there is the crystal Quadrant Shower Enclosure Sliding Door. It has been reviewed as very easy to install, plus all the hardware to put it in place is included when you purchase this door. It costs just under $700. You can find in

Cheap Sliding Shower Door

Buying a budget shower door costs under $600 to install by yourself and most feature the sliding door feature. This is about half of what would cost if you would have a professional install a mid price door. One of the most popular brands in shower doors is Kohler, which you can get at any Home Depot or Lowes. There are other brands like Sterling, Century and Maxx.

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