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Shower Radios For Uber Cool Living

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Best Shower Radios

It's one particular common habit for people to sing in the shower. They would often enjoy singing to themselves as they take a bath, mostly because it becomes more relaxing. Nowadays, there's an actual device that would serve as you're own personal sound system while you take a shower, and they're called shower radios. Shower radios are waterproof radios that you could take with you in the shower. This way you don't have to worry about suds dripping to your mouth as you sing your favorite song.

Best Shower Radio

A shower radio that proves to be a favorite of many is the Sangean H201 AM/FM Digital Shower Radio. The device has a built in AM/FM antenna with PLL digital tuning. It can store 10 station presets and auto seek function, the radio is water resistant up to JIS7 standard. The Sangean H201 AM/FM Digital Shower Radio also has a large, easy-to-read backlit LCD with an easy-to-apply bracket and hanger. The shower radio has quite a stylish design with a water proof feature that passes for marine radios.

Cd For Shower

What if you want to listen to your favorite track while you take a shower? Then maybe the best device for you would be a shower radio with CD player. The best gadget fro this is the Jensen AM/FM Shower Radio with CD Player. This shower radio is equipped with a fully working AM/FM receiver, a vertical loading CD-player, and a built-in desk stand. The shower radio also has a fog- resistant mirror and waterproof speakers with a headphone jack. The radio's speakers are splash resistant too and the jack can be perfect while dipping on the bath tub.

Cheap Shower Radio

There are shower radios that can actually be bought with under ten dollars. This is the Conair SR Shower Radios, the SR shower radios from Conair are basically AM/FM Radios, they're equipped with a hook that you could hang around the shower head or the shower curtain and comes water resistant. The Conair SR Shower Radios come in different models, they have the SR9 which is Pink, the SR10 that's in Black, SR11 which is Blue, and the SR12 which is Green. All of them at only ten dollars with a five dollar worth of MP3 downloads if you order from Get your product review information here at!

Fun Shower Radio

There are also shower radios you can get that come in funkier and fun colors and models. One line of shower radios that have very fun designs are the Zadro Shower Bugs. The Zadro Shower Bugs AM/FM Radio are shower radios that also work as clocks. Zadro Shower Bugs are lighthearted shower FM radios that are constructed in a bug-shaped body with four suction cups attached to the lags that could stick tightly to shower tiles, mirrors, and other flat surfaces. The radio's digital clock display would help you monitor time while you're taking a shower and it also features an FM auto tuning that quickly scans for favorite stations. The Zadro Shower Bugs available at $15 and are available in purple, lime green, blue, pink, orange and white.

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