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Best Gas Stoves, Electric Ranges, and Ovens

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Electric Stove

Electric stoves are the best stoves in the modern age.  You can turn them on, and get instant, clean heat.  The best ones available are over $500.

The best places to shop for an electric stove is Best Buy, Sears, and Home Depot.  Most major areas have them and if you're not in a major metropolitan area, you could have a local distributor deliver your electric stove to you.

Best Ranges

Stoves and ranges are often a one-time purchase.  Since they'll last for years and years, it makes sense to do the research before purchasing.

Take a moment to examine our research on ranges and stoves.  We hope you find the information valuable.

High End Electric Range

In the high end electric ranges, there are a few options.

The most talked about brands are Frigidaire, Whirlpool, and GE.  They've been around for a long time and they make a variety of price ranges including high end.

The lowest of the high-end stoves are in the $1,000 range.  You can find some amazing deals at Lowes and Home Depot for high end GE stoves.

Gas Stoves And Ovens

When you're choosing from a huge variety of gas stoves and ovens, make sure to visit your local stores.  You can price shop this way, and you can actually check out the stove and oven to see if it will fit your needs.  Make sure to take the primary cooks in the house with you!

Really a gas stove and oven should be, easy to clean, able to vent/filter smoke, and should have ample space for the maximum amount of food you want to cook concurrently. 

An oven must have the right type of racks for you and make sure to check the broiler.  Other little features such as oven lights and racks are often taken for granted but when you can't see what you're cooking, you'll wish you got the gas oven with the light switch.  Something so simple can be so important.

Best Stoves

The best stoves in my opinion are in the $500-700 range.  They have four burners and a fairly deep oven.  It should have a broiler, an oven light, and an easily cleanable stove surface.  Since the gas stoves require a grill over the burner, I would prefer electric stoves for easy cleanup with a dish rag.

Through all the research, my favorite stoves for the price are at Lowes:

Best Black Stove
Best White Stove (this one is under $500)


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