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Paint - Best Rated Paint Sprayers

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Best Paint Sprayers

When it comes to DIY paint sprayers, consumers typically have five types to choose from: the conventional air gun which is simply a larger version of an airbrush, the HVLP (high volume,low pressure) air gun, the LVLP (low volume, low pressure) air gun, the air-assisted airless spray guns, and the airless spray guns. Conventional air guns are low-cost and easy to clean and repair. They have simple components that are also easily replaceable. The HVLP and LVLP guns are a little bit more complicated but are also easy to clean and repair. The main advantage of the LP (low pressure) air guns is that they can give a finer mist that helps to give a more even coat and helps to save the paint, with the LVLP guns being able to save more paint than the HVLP guns. The LP guns are ideal for medium or small projects that don't require much paint in the first place. The air-assisted airless spray guns rely on compressing the fluid paint itself coupled with bursts of compressed air that further atomizes the paint particles. For large projects that require large amounts of paint, the airless spray guns are considered the best solution. Using a high-pressure liquid pump, the airless guns can atomize many different types of paints and other coatings, even the thicker ones that need to be applied with minimal thinning. Painting houses, barns, seagoing vessels, wooden fences, buildings, etc. usually necessitate the use of airless guns which can deliver the highest volumes of paint in the least amount of time.

Best Paint Sprayer

There are numerous manufacturers of paint sprayers that offer various designs at various prices. It all boils down basically to product cost and perceived quality, and the requirements of the job that determines which brand and which model is purchased. Comfort and ease of use, are additional factors that influence the selection. ASM, Black & Decker, Campbell Hausfeld, CMT Industrial, Graco, Titan, and Wagner are some of the most popular brands that carry air guns and other types of paint sprayers.

Best Airless Paint Sprayer

The volume output (gallons or liters per minute), the cost, the ease of use, the maintenance and cleaning requirements, and the price are all major factors that determine which airless sprayer is best suited for a specific job. Experience, or asking the opinion of one or more professional painters is generally useful when it comes to narrowing down the choice of specific makes and models. One online equipment sales company advises choosing a paint sprayer that has capacities and capabilities that exceed what you think are the minimum requirements for a particular paint job

Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews

There are numerous online sources of information and opinions about airless paint sprayers. Home Depot,, Consumer Democracy, and many other sites all provide relevant reviews from people who have used numerous brands and types of airless sprayers. Painting contractors like AAA Paint Co. or your local professional painter can offer useful suggestions and ideas when it comes to choosing your equipment. Eventually though, you'll have to go out there and actually get some experience using a particular brand and model of an airless paint sprayer to find out for yourself what works best for you.

Airless Paint Sprayer Review

Two online product-review websites and one equipment distributor give the Wagner Paint Crew Airless Paint Sprayer high marks in terms of capabilities, equipment quality, ease of use, and price. Of course, other companies and other reviewers will have their own favorites, but Wagner has been in the paint sprayer business since 1953. Also, the Spray Tech Corporation, maker of the popular Spray Tech brand of paint sprayers, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wagner.

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