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Miter Saws - Best and Highest Rated

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Firestorm Miter Saw Review - Model FS110L

Black and Decker has a miter saw named The Firestorm FS110L that has gotten excellent reviews from sites such as It has a blade guard mounted laser useful to spot the line you are cutting in a piece of wood, and it is always visible. You can also turn of the laser off or on as you please. It has an average price of $130. It is considered a great value purchase. Most people have rated this item as reliable and useful, and a great deal relative to its price.

Cheap Miter Saws - Craftsman 21231

The Craftsman 21231 has been rated as the best budget miter saw by It works great with two by fours and two by six lumber pieces. This item comes included with a stand, vise clamps and extension cables. also has plenty of user generated reviews that give it five star ratings. The item goes for an estimated price of $120.

Best Miter Saw - Makita LS1013FL

The Makita LS1013FL has been rated as the best miter saw in the market. In professional comparisons it performed as well as the much more expensive Kapex miter saw. The Makita LS1013FL cost an estimated $500 and has consistently received excellent user reviews. You can find more information in The Makita LS1013FL on

Best Compound Mitre Saw - Hitachi C12LDH

Hitachi has a miter saw called the C12LDH that has great accuracy and it has the fame of being user friendly. It does not have a lifetime warranty like other miter saws it only has a five year warranty, but it's still a great deal for $400. You can find a great review of this saw at where it was give the title of the best 12-inch miter saw.

10 Miter Saw Review

If you are searching for the best 10 inch miter saw, has rated the Ridgid MS1065LZA as the best one out there. It has been consistently rated with five stars because of its superb performance, all metal build and it's great lifetime warranty. It has proven itself as an accurate and user friendly piece of machinery that you must have. The cost is in the mid price market at around $500, but it's a great value relative to it's price.

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