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Laminate Flooring - Highest Rated

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Laminate Floor Ratings

Compared to a real hardwood floor, appropriate laminate flooring happens to be sturdier and could easily withstand staining, scratching, denting and fading. The good quality floor laminate with the highest ratings usually comes with a warranty that covers the aforementioned damages. Good laminate is simple to maintain because of the fact that it is does not get easily damaged. There are very many textures and colors to choose from and the material comes with a locking glue less mechanism, which makes the installation process easier. The best floor laminate usually has a core that is treated using chemicals that are water repellent. Good quality laminate also has joints that are impregnated with wax which keeps moisture at bay.

Best Laminate Flooring

When choosing the most appropriate laminate floor, it is important to consider what is known as the AC ranking which is accorded to the floor to find out its durability. AC 1 for instance is regarded as the lowest durability level while a rating of AC5 is considered as the highest quality. AC5 laminate is mostly used for areas with high traffic as it can sustain plenty of friction. DuPont real laminate flooring material is amongst the favored choices and it is widely available at Home Depot outlets throughout the country. Another brand of laminate flooring is Pergo’s vintage traditional which goes for approximately 3 dollars for every square foot. A cheaper alternative is the Stepco laminate which goes for approximately one and a half dollars per square foot.

DIY Flooring Review

One of the major reasons why laminate flooring is favored by many individuals is the ability to easily install it. In many cases, it is possible for non skilled people to install the flooring without much difficulty. The process involves placing the planks above substrates such as concrete slabs, oriented strand board, plywood and other floor covering which is already in existence. The laminate is made in planks or tiles which are joined with a groove and tongue design that locks the pieces in place. It is usually a glue-less technique that quite simple. There are some laminate flooring varieties that come already pre-glued.

Dupont Pergo

DuPont is a laminate flooring method that does not need any gluing procedures that renders the surface virtually seamless. This kind of seamless technology is able to incredibly increase the durability of the flooring. The materials come with a pre-fitted foam underlay which adds sufficient reinforcement while reducing the amount of noise that the surface emits. Pergo vintage special for homes have a rating of AC3 which is suitable enough. DuPont offers a whole thirty year warranty on their flooring. Pergo has built up its name as the most identifiable name in relation to laminate floors. However, DuPont is known to be a more dependable brand in terms of usage.

Armstrong Laminate Flooring Review

Armstrong flooring has been in business for over 100 years and one of their relatively new products is the Armstrong laminate flooring, which has gained popularity in Europe as well as in America. The laminate has three varieties, textured laminate, stone laminate and wood laminate. Most of these laminates do not require glue to install and instead have a convenient interlocking system of attachment. Armstrong laminate has an uncanny way of being able to distinctly mimick the form of natural materials. The material can sufficiently resist abrasions, fading, stains or spills. Installation is done using an interlocking system. Maintenance of this laminate is very simple and they are not in any way harmful to the environment.

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