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Best Ladders

Ladders are usually made from three types of materials: wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. Wood has been around for thousands of years and is a reasonably strong and lightweight material that is easy to work with. Aluminum became popular after wood because of its equal or greater load-carrying capacity over wood and the fact that it does not get water-logged and is more durable. But since aluminum metal is a conductor of electricity and heat, there are situations that would preclude the use of aluminum ladders because of safety issues. Fiberglass is the third most common material nowadays for making ladders. Not only do fiberglass ladders insulate a worker against heat and electricity, they can also be made as durable as aluminum ladders.

Best Step Ladders

High-quality step ladders first of all must be able to carry the rated weight without buckling. The steps must be wide enough for safety and comfort and have standard safety features such as friction rubber caps for the legs, a tool tray, and a safety handle. Good quality ladders require little effort to setup or stow away; and occupy only minimal storage space. Step ladders come in a wide range of weight and access height ratings.

Extension Ladder Review

Good quality extension ladders combine safety features with a sturdy, durable construction. The best ladders are those that can be used for years on end with only minimal maintenance. Werner, Louisville, Little Giant and other popular brands offer various types of ladders with different ratings but with similar designs. Additional attachments increase the usability and value of these ladders.

Extension Ladders Home Depot

Home Depot has a detailed guide on selecting ladders . They have a wide selection of straight, extension, step, and adjustable ladders for various purposes and duty ratings. Household-duty ladders (Type 3) ladders can carry a maximum weight of 200 lbs. At the opposite end of the rating scale, the special-duty ladders (Type 1AA) can carry a maximum of 375 lbs.

Best Extension Ladder

Werner fiberglass and aluminum extension ladders could be considered to be at the top of the ranks of quality ladders. Features such as securely interlocking rail design, extruded aluminum rungs, rung locks, shoe brackets, etc. ensure safety and convenient setup. Werner ladders are built to last with only minimal maintenance needs. The fiberglass type can be hefty but the weight is evenly distributed making them easier to move around.

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