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Gas Grill - Best and Highest Rated

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Broil Gas Grill Review

The market for gas grills has increased dramatically in the last years. It has been proven that people who own a gas grill are more likely to use their grill compared to those who own a charcoal one. They cost more than charcoal grills but consumers prefer them due to their convenience and cleanliness. The Brinkmann 810-8410-S is considered by as the best budget gas grill, it costs $200.

Fiesta Gas Grills Reviews

Heated grills that distribute heat evenly are the ones that make the best BBQs. That is why most reviewers recommend gas grills that have porcelain coated, cast iron bars or stainless steel grates. Another feature very useful is to be able to set the temperature you are cooking at, instead of relaying on a fixed flame. The Blue Ember FGF50069-U403 was voted as one of the best value grills which cost $450, find out more at

Char Broil Gas Grill Review

Something you should include in your purchase is a grill that has shelves and warming racks, they are convenient for chopping or other cooking techniques and putting plates near where the meat is cooking. If you are looking for a premium gas grill that avoids the trips between the kitchen and the yard you have to go with grills that have side burners that will let you cook other stuff besides the meat. For people who like full blown pig-outs consider purchasing a rotisserie, it will add a hefty price to the grill but it's worth it for people who are serious about outdoor cooking.

Best Gas Grill

Most grills advertise the amount of BTUs they put out, but experts agree that this feature does not affect grilling a steak in any sizable way. Try to get an average BTU and not one that has to low just to stay in the safe side. A truly important feature is the grate and how the rods are spaced. The Weber Genesis E-320 has consistently been rated the best all around gas grill, it has a hefty price tag at $750 but most people say it was worth it.

Best Buy Gas Grill Review

Some extras to consider when purchasing a grill is the liquid propane tanks, with a spare, a cover, a wire brush and other cooking utensils. Sometimes you can even find retailers that offer free assembly with your purchase, but you will need a truck to haul the grill once is assembled. Retailers that used to carry just electronics are now throwing in grills like Best Buy or Circuit City. In addition, you can check out the reviews online before you buy them. The Weber Q-200 is the best portable gas grill according to review sites like Amazon and Walmart.

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