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Garbage Cans for DIY Jedis

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Best Garbage Cans

Trash cans are made mostly from a single type of material (e.g., metal, plastic, or wood), or usually from a combination of such materials. Plastic trash cans are usually the least expensive, followed by wooden trash cans. The most expensive are usually the metal trash cans which are typically heavier and more durable. Of course, the size (or volume capacity) of the trash can is also proportional to its price. Good quality trash cans that cost less than $50 are generally adequate for home use. The only other important consideration is the design of the trash can itself.

Best Kitchen Trash Cans

Here is a non-exhaustive list of manufacturers that have a good selection of kitchen trash cans: AutoKan, Blomus, Commercial Zone, Continental, Glaro, Hafele, Polder, Oxo, Rubbermaid, Safco, Simplehuman, Smoker's Outpost, Suncast, United Receptacle, Wastewatchers, Whirlpool, and Witt. Glaro specializes in metal trash cans (steel, brass, and aluminum). AutoKan provides a number of sizes and models of motion-sensing “touchless” receptacles that open their lids automatically whenever an object comes close to the lid.

Hefty Garbage Bag

Kitchen trash cans are probably the most used in the house. A good choice would be one that is large enough to accommodate the daily kitchen trash generated by the entire household. Kitchen trash cans need to cleaned often and therefore should be resistant or immune to water, detergents, and even bleach-based cleaning products. Add-ons such as garbage-bag fastening clips, wide lids, lid-closing dampers, and slip-proof base pads are standard with most good quality brands. Don't forget to get strong garbage bags life Hefty brand!

Kitchen Trash Compactor

Commercial Zone, Rubbermaid, Witt, as well as most of the other trash can manufacturers, offer high-capacity trash cans (30-gallon capacity or more) for outdoor or commercial use. These 30-gallon trash cans are ideal for restaurants, large offices, or medical facilities. Most large trash cans are made of durable plastic or steel and some have built-in rubber wheels for easy transport. Durability is a critical quality for these larger trash cans. For those who live in tight quarters, space for garbage might be difficult to come by. You may want to get a kitchen trash compactor so that you don't have to take your garbage out too often.

Garbage Can Liner

Rubbermaid has indoor, outdoor, and recycling trash cans. Most Rubbermaid trash cans are made of durable plastic but they do carry a number of metal-bodied containers for indoor and outdoor use. Rubbermaid has seven different sub-categories for its indoor containers and eight for its outdoor receptacles. The best cans are the ones with garbage can liners. Rubbermaid also offers soft molded plastic trash containers. These cans are amazing!

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