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Cooktops - Best and Highest Rated

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Electric Gas Cooktop

Cook-tops come in three varieties electric, gas an induction powered. Experts say that gas cook-tops is the greenest of the three, using up to 86% of the total energy created by the flame to heat your cooking-ware. Induction powered cook-top is more efficient than gas but it has to use more energy to heat a pan. The choice you have to make will ultimately depend on whether you have a gas connection or an electric one for your cookware. The GE Profile PP945BMBB is the best electric cook-top, for gas powered cook-tops a very highly rated product is the GE JGP975, and the best induction cook-top is the Kenmore Elite 42800. This recommendations are based on reviews made by

Best Rated Cooktop

If you are searching for the best performing cook-top in the market most experts will tell you that the Kenmore Elite 42800 is the one. It has superb reviews for owners and expert cookers. It is a highly sophisticated appliance that is efficient with the energy it uses. The price may be the only thing that is separating most cooking fanatics from this fabulous cook-top that costs an average of $1850.

Best Downdraft Cooktops

Downdraft cook-tops are best for places that do not have an overhead air vent. This units suck the heat and smoke created form cooking into a downward vent instead of the overhead air vent. They are found in gas cook-tops.

Electric Cooktop Reviews

The electric cook-tops have evolved from the simple electric resistance to elaborate appliances that use glass the keeps the appliance evenly heated and are much safer to use. Compared to gas cook-tops they are far more easier to clean and are better suited for low temperature cooking. According to the best rated electric cook-top by owners is the GE Profile PP945BMBB.

Electric Cooktops

Gas cook-tops are more efficient than their electric cooktop counterparts, using 86% of the energy created by the flame to heat the cookware. It is also greener than electric energy. It is suited for high temperature cooking like frying. They are also more reliable, less prone to braking down because of their simple design. According to the best rated gas Cook-top is the GE JGP637WEJWW, it costs an average of $800.

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