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Chef Knife is for a Buffoon?

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Chef\'s Knife Review - 8 Inch Knife

The most valued piece in any knives set is the chef’s knife. It usually measures from 6 to 12 inches in length. The 8 inch knife is the most popular choice for the majority of home chefs and professionals alike. It is greatly used for chopping, slicing, and mincing because it does a great job in doing so. The flat and broad blade is the feature that differentiates this knife apart from the others. It is also because of this that a chef’s knife is perfect for all cutting tasks.

Chef's Knife Reviews

Versatility is the main reason why many appreciate a chef’s knife. The handles should be very comfortable so that you could easily prepare food in an efficient manner. Some time ago, the consideration when buying a chef knife is if it manufactured in Germany or popularly known as German made. Nowadays however, most professional and home chefs are considering the Japanese chef knives. These have numerous advantages like sharper and thinner blades, harder steel blades, and they are lightweight but still provide you balance.

Chefs Knives Reviews For Black Handles

The R.H. Forschner by Victorinox 8-Inch Chef's Knife with Black Fibrox Handle is a well-liked and it is also the best rated chef knife online. Priced at under $20, this knife is knocking down competitors because of the price. You can re-sharpen it as often as you want because of the high carbon stainless steel blade. The ergonomic design of the handle is what wins the chef over. I best of all it is safe to use because of the slip resistant feature.

Chefs Knives Reviewed - Ceramic

Ceramic knives are usually made in Japan and they are subsisting for quite some time now. The downside of using ceramic knives is that it is fragile. Once you drop it or mishandled the blade while you are washing it, chances are it will be damaged and break. However there are many advantages in using one. it has a very sharp blade, rust and stain proof, easy to clean and does not require frequent sharpening. You can get ceramic knives in top condition with the brand Kyocera.

Chefs Knives Review

If you are looking for some chef knives with impressive review, you can go to to find out which brand and product had been getting a 5 star rating. R.H. Forschner by Victorinox, Henckels, Kyocera, Wusthof, Global, Shun, Rachael Ray, Furi, Chicago Cutlery, Oxo, and Komachi are the famous and top brands when it comes to chef’s knives. The Victorinox brand seems to getting the 5 star ratings in The only way to find out if it deserves the 5 star rating is to try it out.

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