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Can Openers - Only the Sleek

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Best Rated Can Opener

Can openers come in surprisingly many different shapes and sizes. There are two general varieties of can openers – electric or manual. Almost all of the electric-type can openers utilize a rotary motion to move the lid of the can against a sharp edge. The manual-type can openers use either a sawing movement or the same rotary movement employed by the electric varieties.

Best Can Openers

The manual variety of can openers can be as small as the WWII era P-38 or the later P-51 “thumb-size” can openers; they're perfect for the outdoors. The most common manually operated kitchen can openers are either the pliers-type or the table-mounted, heavy-duty type. The best can openers are durable and easy to clean. Also, well-designed can openers don't create sharp edges nor let the detached lid fall off into the can.

Electric Can Opener Arthritis

The main advantage of the electrically operated can openers is that they can be operated using only just one hand. People who are injured or have medical conditions (e.g., arthritis) that prevent the use of both hands usually find electric can openers very useful. Most electric-type can openers have a platform or a mechanism for securely holding the can while it is rotated. The “cordless” can openers come with a charging base and can be taken away from the kitchen, convenient for quickly opening a few (or more) cans in the backyard or at the swimming pool.

Best Can Opener

The best can openers have “business” parts that don't rust nor accumulate grime. Those that cut along the sides of the can are very popular because they don't leave sharp edges. Most popular electric or manual can openers can be operated with either hand. The manual table-mounted types are usually the most durable and can last for decades or more.

Can Opener Review

Amco, Carlisle, Co-Rect, MightiCan, MIU, Oxo, Rösle, and Zyliss are some of the more popular companies that offer the pliers-type manually operated can openers. Adcraft, Browne Halco, Edlund, Lincoln manufacture popular makes of the table-mounted, manually operated can openers. Black & Decker, Edlund, Hamilton Beach, Proctor Silex, and West Bend manufacture the hand-held or table-top varieties of electric can openers. Many would think that can openers are a simple product, but since everyone in the world uses them, they are a massive market. The companies mentioned take manufacturing can openers very seriously, so that you don't have to think twice about how easy it is to open a can.

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