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Air Conditioners - Best and Highest Rated

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Air Conditioners

There are three types of air conditioners that are offered in the market today: traditional room air conditioners, central air conditioners, and portable air conditioners. The considerations and criteria in determining which brand or model is best to buy vary for each type. Each type also has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Nonetheless, there is a specific energy-efficiency ratio (EER) required for each type of air conditioner. Government standards, for example, require an EER of at least 9.7 for room air conditioners while room air conditioner models that have at least 10.7 EER gets an Energy Star Rating.

Traditional Room Air Conditioners Review

Most people prefer to use traditional room air conditioners (window air conditioners) because models under this type generally have higher EER ratings than the other types. Every point difference in EER rating translates to a 10 percent savings in energy consumption. This means that if your air conditioner has an EER rating of 10.7, you get to save 10 percent in energy cost as compared to using an air conditioner with an EER rating of 9.7. Another advantage is that traditional air conditioners are relatively cheaper in price than the central and portable air conditioner types. However, a small room air conditioner might not be enough to cool a big room with wide windows and a high ceiling. For this type of air conditioner, the size of the unit and the size of the room is of importance. Also, traditional room air conditioners are oftentimes noisy. Things to consider when buying a room air conditioner: > Size does matter. Consider the size of your room in determining the right air conditioner size. > Installation. It will be good to know in advance if you will need installation assistance or if you could do it on your own. > Energy-Efficiency Ratio (EER). A high EER rating means long-term savings. > Features such as built-in timers, remote controls, displays, and thermostats would be great. > Noise level. There are models that have noise reduction features.

Central Air Conditioners Review

The advantage of using a central air conditioner is that one unit alone can cool an entire house. However, installation is a major consideration in buying a central air conditioner. One has to determine and employ a reliable contractor because the performance and efficiency of a central air conditioner would rely hugely on the quality of its installation. Things to consider when buying a central air conditioner: > Professional contractor that will determine the right size of the air conditioner based on the size of your house, climate, and other factors using a Manual J cooling-load calculation and estimation. > SEER specifications > Choose models that use scroll compressors than those that use reciprocating compressors > Warranty. Most models usually come with a five-year warranty on parts and ten years on the compressor > Permits for HVAC installation work

Sears Portable Air Conditioners Reviews

Portable air conditioners are handy to use compared to traditional window air conditioners because these can be easily rolled from one point of the room to another. However, a major complaint against this type of air conditioner is that it does not cool as well as its traditional (window type) counterpart aside from the fact that it will require hot air to be vented outside and water to be drained in a bucket or drained outside a window through a hose. Things to consider when buying a portable air conditioner: > Room size and British Thermal Units (BTUs). You will need a higher BTU in a portable air conditioner than you would in room air conditioner for the same room size. > Mobility features such as wheels, handles, and casters > Oscillating louvers or multidirectional airflow features > Water-drainage hose and a window adapter kit Sears air conditioners are often very affordable for your portable needs.

Air Conditioners Sears

Some of the top air conditioner brands in the market include Amcor, LG, Kenmore, Royal, Haier, Sovereign, Sharp, Frigidaire, and GE among others. Check the Sunday newspaper ads on Sunday online deals for your local retailers like Sears and Home Depot! Air Conditioners - Sears: Sears air conditioners are often great quality and Sears stands behind their warranties.

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