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Hertz Moving Truck Rentals

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Moving Rental Truck

Budget Truck Rental allows the customer to tow a maximum of one car behind the rental truck using either a car dolly or a car carrier. Their rental trucks range in size from a cargo van to 10-, 16-, or 24-foot trucks. Penske also offers single-car towing options with either a tow dolly or a car carrier depending upon the car's wheel size and wheel type. Note that car tow dollies are recommended for front-wheel drive cars while car carriers are appropriate for rear-wheel or four-wheel drive cars.

Hertz Moving Trucks

Hertz offers 15-, 20-, and 24-foot closed-van type rental trucks. The trucks can be driven to any US state with the estimated mileage included in the initial rental price estimate. Excess miles are charged additionally at $0.40 per mile. They have an on-line cargo-space-requirement calculator that can help customers determine the size of the truck that is appropriate for their cargo.

Hertz Moving Truck - Penske Line

After transferring all the rights to its truck rental division to Penske in 1985, Hertz went on to form another truck rental division. Hertz now runs a competitive truck rental business that provides reliable moving services across all states. Hertz also provides a 24-hour roadside assistance service and other related moving services.

Penske Moving Rental

Penske acquired the truck rental division of Hertz in 1985 and the company adopted the name Hertz/Penske Truck Rental. The name was shortened to Penske Truck Rental in 1992. Penske Truck Rental is a division of Penske Truck Leasing. The Truck Rental division is further divided into the household and the business truck rental categories.

Hertz Moving Rental

Hertz offers three sizes of moving rental trucks (15, 20, and 24). Their trucks are custom designed for easy loading/unloading. All have economical diesel engines with automatic shifting, power steering, air-conditioning and other amenities. The 24-foot rental truck can accommodate furniture that would normally be included in about eight medium-sized rooms.

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