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Wassup - Ear Wax Removal

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Cue Tip Ear (Better Known As Q-Tip)

As a kid, many moms use "cue" tips to clean my ears with the use of a cue tip and thought that it did the job. Until recently I found out that this is not the safest way to get rid of the earwax. Doctors even say that shoving a cue tip in your ears causes more hearing problems because it jams the earwax further in your ear and packs it in. Cue tips are good in cleaning the outside of your ears but never on the inside.

Cue Tips Ear (Also Known As Cotton Swab)

Many are still using cue tips to take care of their earwax problems. This had been the practice for a long time now. And it is a practice that is hard to break. While many believe that using cue tip is the best when cleaning your ears, doctors are saying the opposite. They say that it could cause more harm than getting benefit from it. There are alternative ways in cleaning your ears and you donít have to be stuck with cue tips.

Ear Irrigation Product

Because of the danger of using cue tips, doctors recommend the use of ear irrigation products instead. Cue tips can cause ear wax blockage which can cause hearing problems but with ear irrigation products you donít have to worry about earwax problems at all. You can easily buy one from any drug store or you could ask for prescription from your doctor. It is recommended that you have your ear irrigated by doctors at least once a year for better hearing.

Ear Irrigation Products - Earwax Removal

There are a lot of commercial earwax removal systems that you could buy in any drugstore. Some of the leading brands are Murine, Debrox, Mackís wax away, TM and Physicians choice TM. They usually have a reasonable price range of $ 6-$8. The most recommended brand is the Debrox earwax removal kit which is priced at $8. That is a small amount that gives huge relief.

Ear Wax Removal Natural

If you are looking for an earwax removal product that is all-natural then you might want to get the Wallyís Natural Products All Natural Ear Candle. This product had been getting good feedback and it is made with beeswax. You may need another person to help you from cleaning your ears with this product, but otherwise all is great. This product will surely lessen your trip to the doctor in terms of earwax removal.

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