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Nasal Sprays Backlash - Best Over The Counter

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Best Nasal Sprays

Who doesn't hate nasal problems? Everybody and I mean everybody hates it when they have some difficulty when breathing. The good news is we don't have to suffer by just buying a nasal spray. This is the most convenient solution for nasal congestion, allergies, sinus infections, runny noses, and general stuffiness. There are many types of nasal spray and finding the best one can be quite confusing. You can start choosing with a Saline nasal spray because among all the nasal sprays, this is the safest.

Type Review - Cromolyn Sodium Nasal Spray

There are 5 main types of nasal spray. Namely, the antihistamine sprays, the corticosteroid nasal spray, the cromolyn sodium nasal sprays, the decongestant sprays, and lastly the saline nasal spray. Each type works best for specific conditions. For example, the antihistamine spray is best for allergies. If you are looking for the best preventive nasal spray then go for the saline nasal spray. It’s always best to consult a doctor before buying one.

Best Nose Spray

Daily nasal cleansing is the best way to prevent allergens, bacteria and pollutants to trigger sinus infections and middle ear infections. Some treat nasal cleaning like brushing their teeth. It had been a part of their daily cleaning routine. Many recommends the Xlear nasal wash for use because it not addictive. You can order directly from their website at

Best Otc Nasal Spray - Over The Counter

Cromolyn Sodium Nasal Sprays are over the counter nasal sprays that are best for itchy, watery and runny noses. The downside of using one is the trouble of using the nasal spray on a daily basis. One of the best product under this category, is the NasalCrom Allergy Prevention Nasal Spray. This product had been getting good reviews even with the downside present. This product is best for preventing allergy symptoms. You can easily get one in any drugstore available in your area.

Flonase Review

Let me quote what Flonase have to say about their product, “treat nasal symptoms from indoor and outdoor allergies as well as year-round non-allergic nasal symptoms."And this is exactly what Flonase is delivering to all its users. It is recommended that you make use of Flonase on a daily basis and it does lessen congestion, sneezing, itchy and runny nose symptoms. The downside is that it leaves a bitter aftertaste. Nonetheless, this product really lives up to what they had presented.

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