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Bank of America - Highest Rated

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Best Online Bank

The best online bank is merely an opinion. However, when you examine all the features, the best online banks are the ones that also have a brick and mortar location. For most of your needs, the best online bank will be one with tons of features. There are many advantages to paying bills online. First of all, it is very convenient: it is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week and you can basically do it anywhere there is internet access. Transactions are generally also faster in online banks than in ATMs. Online banking also makes it easy to access all your bank accounts while providing you with additional tools and financial information.

Bank Of America Pay Bill Online

Bank of America is one of the banks that allow you to pay your bills online. Their Bill Pay service allows their clients to pay their bills virtually anytime and anywhere. They also have eBills that are electronic versions of paper bills that can be received through online banking. In addition, Bank of America also sends their clients emails in the client's chosen email address whenever they receive a new bill.

Bank America On Line Banking

Bank of America's free on line banking service is called Bill Pay. This service basically allows you to pay you bills anytime and anywhere in the United States. It also allows clients to pay a limited choice of merchants. Bank of America clients can also receive eBills that are electronic versions of regular paper bills.

Bank Of America Online Account

Bank of America online account services also allow their clients to do a variety of account services through the internet. Checks can be reordered using Online Banking. Stopping payment is also possible online along with ordering copies of checks. You can also order copies of account statements online. It is also possible to change your information, such as your address, phone number and email address, online.

Bank Of America Online Login

Bank of America makes sure that their Online Banking services as secure as possible. They even offer an optional service called SafePass that adds an extra layer of protection for Online Banking. Once SafePass is enabled, you will receive a one time use SafePass code on your registered mobile device as a text message when completing sensitive activities. You will then be prompted to enter the SafePass code before doing your next sensitive banking activity. For more information visit and login to the Bank of America website at

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