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Dooney Bourke - Best and Highest Rated

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Cheap Dooney Purses

With the latest fashion releases, Dooney & Burke has re-established itself as an industry leader. 

First off, where can you get cheap Dooney purses?  Well, there are always the knock-offs, but personally, the quality just isn't there.  Plus, people who are really into fashion will notice it's a phoney.

Anyways, Dooney to the rescue.  Right on their home page, they have a section for $100 and under.  However, it's not the only place to shop.  Better deals await you!

Discount Dooney Purses

So where exactly can you get discount Dooney purses?  Let's run through a few of the most popular discount retailers.

Macy's and Nordstrom carry the Dooney lines.  But, they're not exactly discount retailers.  Your best bet is to bargain shop with a price comparison website like

Dooney And Bourke Purses For Cheap

Okay, so even the price comparison sites don't provide the cheap prices...

You could check Craigslist, but that's not exactly the right kind of place to find designer Dooney and Burke...

Well, how about Dillards or Lord & Taylor.  They have great prices.  Much better than other luxury stores.  The difference is, Dillards may not have the same Dooney & Bourke lineup as Nordstrom. 

Another secret that most people don't know, is that the fashion brands usually fix their prices.  Therefore, the same handbag would be the same price no matter which store you find it at.  However, that's why they carry different lines in each store that is catered towards your town's particular demographic and budget.

Dooney Bourke Diaper Bags

One last note about Dooney and Bourke "bags".  They also make fashionable diaper bags.  Being a mommy doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice on fashion!

Cheap Dooney Bourke Purses

In conclusion, the best places to shop for cheap Dooney Bourke purses are the websites that price compare (or give you different retailer options).  Sometimes, you can sneak a great deal from someone who has a free gift for a purchase of $50 or more.  Often you can get a free gift bag with your purchase.  It pays to shop around and don't ignore Dillards or Lord and Taylor for your cheap Dooney shopping spree.

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