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Dodge - Best Rated Dodge Grand Caravan

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Dodge Grand Caravan Special

"Special Edition" Dodge Caravans came out first in 1994 with the Dodge SE line. The Special Edition Dodge SE models marked the 10th year anniversary of the Dodge Caravans which debuted in 1984. The second time a "Special Edition" rolled out was in 2004, this time marking the 20th year since Chrysler first introduced the minivans. The 2004 Special Edition Dodge Caravan SXT was the designated commemorative minivan model for that year. This year (2009) is the silver or 25th-year anniversary of the minivan and this time, Dodge has come up with a limited edition 25th-anniversary version of the Dodge Grand Caravan.

Dodge Grand Caravan Special Edition

The Dodge Grand Caravan Special Edition model for 2009 celebrates the 25th anniversary of the minivans. All special edition units come equipped with 4.0-liter V6 aluminum engines, six-speed AT, 17" aluminum-alloy wheels, stiffer suspension for a sportier ride, custom silver anniversary commemorative badging and unique (optional) metallic grey body paint. Interior amenities include slate, Blackwood, and satin trims coupled with a newly designed instrument panel and french-seamed seats. Fully configurable seats and a full complement of audio and/or video entertainment systems greet the occupants.

Dodge Caravan Wiring

Numerous websites contain detailed or simplified descriptions of the electrical systems for most, or all, late-model Dodge Caravans. Wiring information for earlier models is also available. Some of the information available online comes as Adobe PDF file or e-books. Haynes is one of the print publishers of repair/service manuals for Dodge vehicles.

Dodge Van Wiring Diagram

Detailed wiring guides or manuals include complete wiring diagrams for numerous Dodge vans and minivans. Chilton is a respected publisher of printed repair and service manuals of various brands and models of automobiles. Numerous websites offer these printed service manuals and wiring diagrams for sale. Check out eBay or for a sampling of the available literature on this topic.

Dodge Caravan Wiring Diagram

A quick Internet search on the phrase "Dodge Caravan Wiring Diagram" comes up with numerous promising results. Detailed wiring diagram information is accessible at the official Dodge website Specialized mechanic or service manuals can be purchased online or at automotive-parts retail stores. Discount stores and bookstore chains also have printed reference manuals for various late or even early model Dodge vehicles.

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