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Battery Charger - Best and Highest Rated

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First Car Battery

The majority of car batteries in use as well as those in the market use are non rechargeable and can supply a sufficient amount of electric energy to power a gasoline car. These automotive batteries normally have a potential difference of 12 volts and connect a series of galvanic cells. The car batteries are able to restore the charge that they use through an alternator that is engine driven. However there are instances that the batteries charge goes down and it requires a car battery charger to restore the lost charge.

Best Car Battery Charger

Inactivity of a car may drain all the power in a battery, however with a simple and low cost trickle charger one is able to instantly have a functional battery. These devices should however not be hooked up to the car battery for long because it is likely to cause some damage. For those drivers who need a convenient car charger that can remain connected to a care battery for a long period, a suitable option is the Deltran SuperSmart 12 volt Tender plus Battery charger. For those who rely on dependable transportation, these are a must have.

Buy Car Battery Charger

The difference in price between trickle chargers and more hardy varieties is not that big. For instance a Deltran SuperSmart 12 volt battery charger goes for $44.99, while a Schumacher trickle battery charger goes for $32.83. Another appropriate car battery purchase is the sears die hard charger which is a basic metal box with a single analog charging gauge which is analog, a three way switch and two leads. This battery is sold at $64.99. has the best product reviews!

Car Battery Charger Buy

A wide variety of solar chargers are sold, and can cost from $49 to $150. These are suitable for areas that do not have any power supply. The northern tool solar trickle charger can either connect directly to a battery or be plugged into the cigarette lighter. This versatile appliance sells for $49.99 dollars. The high end solar chargers such as the Sunforce, which is a portable 5 watt trickle charger is ideal for 12 volt batteries and has a retail value of $145. The models can be found on and

Car Battery Charger How To Use

Before using any type of battery charger it is advisable to go through the manual if iavailable, because not all devices are the same. The next step is to make a connection between the battery and the charger. Connect the positive (normally red) jumper cable to the positive battery post (normally distinguished with a plus symbol) the negative jumper cable usually black in color does not connect to the negative post but rather to the carís engine block . If the car is not attached to the battery, the negative cable should not be connected to the negative post. If the battery has no connection to the car; attach the positive jumper cable to the positive and the negative cable to the negative post

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