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Car Batteries - Best and Highest Rated

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Buying Car Batteries

Everyone who owns an automobile needs a battery from time to time.  It seems to happen at the worst possible time!  Well, knowing that it may possibly happen to you, while you're at the grocery story, or on a road can always prepare ahead.  Take a minute to check out our research on the best lasting car battery.

Best Car Battery Reviews

Let's take a look at the most popular car batteries and their reviews.

Sears Die Hard - the popular brand name by Sears has been popular for good reason.  It really does Die Hard!  This is definitely a battery in the catalog of best car batteries.

Interstate car batteries are also top notch.  Time and time again they get rated highly by customers.

Finally, Napa brand batteries are also highly rated.  Although some of the studies for these batteries put them at the top of the list, there is some speculation over whether those tests are as reputable as the mainstream ones.

Best Automobile Battery

Okay, so you're probably asking, "Which is the best of the best?"

I'll tell you.  It depends on your vehicle and your driving conditions.  The most important driving condition is temperature.  If you live in a colder climate, you'll want something with a good CCA rating.  CCA is the cold cranking amps and determines how much strength your battery will have in the worst of temperatures.  Warm climates allow for cheaper batteries to perform well. 

In the humble opinion of this guide, I would go for the Sears Die Hard.  For the price and the quality of the battery, it doesn't get much better.

Best Car Batterys Stores

Where can you buy the best car batterys online?

Amazon - this site is great because you can also view reviews of those who have already purchased the battery.  Once in awhile after purchasing a battery, it conks out because it is a lemon.  Reading through the reviews on Amazon should help to identify those models which contain a lot of lemons.

Batteries Plus - a great site for all batteries including all types of car battery.

Sears - the greatest place to buy what else?  The Sears Die Hard brand batteries.

Best Auto Battery

All in all, the best auto battery is the one for the price, with the cold cranking power that your climate needs.  Many of the newer batteries also have a warranty when you buy them online or through an auto parts store like (Checkers, Strums, AutoParts Warehouse, etc).

It's always nice to have a spare battery hanging around, but sometimes in a pinch you can just run to Walmart, Sears, or Kmart for a quick replacement.  Also, it should be noted that Pep Boys does free auto inspections.


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