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Sewing Machines - Highest Rated

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Best Industrial Sewing Machines

As the world is moving forward, so are the industries in the world. Many industries need to use sewing machines like garments factories. The industrialists like to buy machines that are very efficient and can take heavy load. Different sewing machines are built for different purposes. Some might be needed for punching holes, others to punch buttons on the clothes. The world's leading brands for the sewing machines are Singer, Juki, Brother, Consew, and Toyota. The price range for the machines are from $650 to $2000. You can check out for new and used machines that are for sale.

Best Singer Sewing Machine

When it comes to the best Singer Sewing Machine, then Singer 7470 Computerized Sewing Machine is number one. This small machine can do a wide variety of stitching styles like embroider, seam stitch and hem. This genius machine has twin needle mode monitors that will tell you if the needle is broken. Most people call this the superfluous pure sewing genius. People have rated this machine very highly on list of rank for sewing machines.

Best Mechanical Sewing Machine

The Sears Kenmore 15218 is the best mechanical sewing machine that still uses knobs and lever. This machine is not for big industries to use at all, rather for someone to do minor works at home. This product should also be used for occasional projects. With the cost of only $170, this mechanical machine comes with 18 built in stitches with automatic threading. You might think that this cheap machine cannot do much work, but it comes with a twin needle support for making intricate designs. It only weighs 14 pounds so you can easily carry it anymore without much work.

Best Brother Sewing Machine

Without any doubt, Brother is one brand that can manufacture some of the best sewing machines in the world. The best sewing machine by this brand is Brother CS6000i, which is chosen as the best by people's ratings. This sewing machine is like a higher standard for entry-level sewing machines. Its one step buttonhole can create 7 different amazing styles that you have never seen before. You might be wondering why people call this a electronic sewing machine, it's because it even has a small LCD screen for the stitch configurations. They also give you a basic walking foot attachment with it. Weighing only at 13.5 pounds, this machine is very portable.

Antique Sewing Machine Brands

Are you someone who loves to collect souvenirs? That means you might like antique sewing machines. Check out this site for all the buying and selling of machines that are extremely old, perhaps when your grandfather used to sow: .This site doesn't only buy and sell machines but also provides very good information for people who wants to learn about sewing machine history.

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