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Plasma TV - Best and Highest Rated

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Cheapest Plasma Screen TV

The cheapest plasma TV is in my house.  I got one about four years ago for a great price and I still love it.  Although I can only recommend buying the cheapest plasma tv because it worked for me...

How did I find the cheapest TV?
First, I started on the internet.  I went to all the deal shopper websites and checked their selection.  Soon I had a bunch of tvs in the cheap price range.  Then I looked at the reviews for all of them to determine which cheap plasma had the best reviews and that's the one I got.

Cheapest Plasma Screens

You can find the cheapest plasma screens too by going to,, and  However, you want to know where I bought mine?  Costco.  Yep.  That's right.  Costco sells TVs too.  It cost me $50 for a membership but I got a plasma screen tv cheaper than the other stores by at least $100.  So either way you look at it, I saved at least $50 by going to Costco and I have a Costco membership.  Not bad.

Best Plasma Tv

Okay, we've talked about the cheap TVs.  Now let's talk about the best plasma TVs.  First things first, you may not want to buy a plasma if you live in high elevation.  Supposedly they can conk out faster than an LCD at elevation.  I live at 5,280 feet and the TV has worked solid for four years.

Anyways, the best way to find the top of the line plasma TVs, is to research by size.  Search by the size first, then you'll get a selection of TVs in a variety of price ranges.  Then you can compare what's best.  Typically, with plasmas, you get what you pay for.  So the higher priced TVs are no doubt the best.  They will have blacks on the screen that are truly black and the people will practically jump off the screen in high definition.

Mounting Plasma Screen

Now that you've purchased a plasma TV, how do you mount it?

Many of the local retail stores offer a low priced installation fee.  I recommend that you take it.  If you think their prices are high, you're right.  You could hire a company to come in and mount the TV for much less than one provided by the retail store. 

Most TVs come with a wall mounting kit.  However, if you decide to do it yourself, you may want to look at mounting arms so that your tv can be angled slightly if you so desire.  Mounting a plasma is a tricky task because they often weigh a pretty significant amount next to an LCD.  Make sure you use the studs in the wall when mounting or your TV will crash to the ground!

Rear Projection Screen Portable

It should be noted that rear projection screens are becoming more popular.  This page is not devoted to this topic, but when purchasing a TV, it makes sense to consider all options.  One of those options is to get a projector television and shoot it on a screen from the front or from the rear.  You can even set up a rear projection screen in a portable fashion to show movies outside in your own yard.

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