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Download Mp3 Songs For Phones

Music is changed our world these days. The first thing to think about entertainment is music and songs. The first place you could go to if you want to download any mp3s is Limewire. Limewire is a P2P file sharing software where you can easily download a lot of things, not only mp3. You can see what quality you are downloading for the file, they usually tell you the bitrate. This is the best place for music downloads, at least to me.

Copy Mp3 Songs

Since Limewire is a software it might be a hassle to you for installing it. If you are trying to search for music downloads directly from the website, then is the best site. This site is truly too good. Most websites are not so good to people like this. Emp3world offers free music downloads to anyone with a very good quality. Most sites like this charge a few cents or even a dollar, but this is too good of an exception. Beware of copyright restrictions before you copy mp3 songs.

Free Mp3 Player ITunes

We all know that Apple is one of the world's most powerful, dominating, and good service company. You just need to download the iTunes software to your computer, install it, and there you have it. iTunes is also a store for music all around the world. You might have to pay a little money, but you can't everything for free with great quality people.

Free Non Membership Music Downloads

One of the top non membership music downloading sites would be This website also has a pretty big collection of music that can be downloaded. Everything here is free too. You can also listen to the music before you download them, so that is one big specialty of this website. You will get very high speed downloads from this site that will surely amaze you.

Download Mp3 Pay Per Song

Napster also holds a leading position to offer music downloads for some bucks. You just need to pay them $10 a month and they will let you download unlimited music files to your computer. If you pay them $15 per month, then they allow you to use the music files at any place, meaning your Ipod, CD, DVD etc. You just cannot buy one song and use it everywhere you want. One big problem with this is that when you cancel the membership, your songs won't play anymore. Also the songs come with WMA format so make sure you devices support that type of files.

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