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Free Business Card Holder

One way to get a free business card holder is by looking for a professional printer that gives them away for free for every business card printing service. However, although you might get something nice or even customized, this would mean that you would have to spend on having your business cards printed first. It is really a lot cheaper to just make a business card holder yourself. Try searching for templates to make things easier, there a couple of websites out there that offer origami instructions. Searching YouTube for how-tos will also help a lot and might even be preferred by others.

Canon Business Card Template

Business card templates are usually made to be printed in most standard office and home printers. This would, of course, mean that they would work for Canon printers as well. There are many free business card templates available in the web and they are not hard to find by search engines. If you're worried of your printer missing the mark with paper that is already specially designed to be a business card, it would be better to look for software that is recommended by the paper's manufacturer itself.

Free Business Cards Software

There aren't really a lot of free business card printing software available but there are enough that you would need to make choices. One way to create customized business cards for free is by going to This website offers a business card maker that does need to be installed in your computer. Avery also has free business card software that is made especially for their papers.

Free Business Card Printing

One way to print customized business cards is by going to The company Avery Dennison, which sells paper that are designed for business cards, also offers a similar service in their website called Avery Design & Print Online. The company also has other options for people who want to have custom business cards: they also have free templates, a wizard for Microsoft Office, and a more flexible software program called Avery DesignPro. They are all available for free but require registration before download or use.

Rolodex Business Cards

"Rolodex" is actually a portmanteau word of "Rolling" and "Index." The business card Rolodex works especially well for filing larger collections of business cards. This line of products by Newell Rubbermaid has become so popular that the name has become genericized to refer to other similar products that are made even by other manufacturers. Nevertheless, until today Rolodex is still the most popular brand in the market for business card organizers. Get product reviews and research at Vomgo!

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