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Small Refrigerators

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Best Small Fridge

A small fridge is perfect for storing foods and drinks inside your room bar area or under a sink. There many types of small fridge for different purposes. Some are just for wines, some are made to be freezers only, it could be a combination of a chiller and a freezer and so on. Upon researching the best small fridge the brand GE always comes up. It may be true since GE is a world leader for manufacturing small fridges. You probably know someone who has an old one that's been running for years.

Best Mini Refrigerator

A mini refrigerator is perfect for dorm rooms where there are limited space. Living on dorm does not mean that you will have to give up small comforts of home. You can still have some home cooked meal that you can store in a the mini refrigerator. Here is a great resource for great mini refrigerators that is perfect for your dorm:

Best Small Refrigerators

The best small refrigerator that gets many good reviews is the General Electric GMR06AAPBB. It has a nicely laid out interior at a very fair price. It is spacious enough to hold a couple of snacks and sodas and it is perfect for dorms, family room or bar fridge. Do not be fooled by the basic design of this unit because it does wonders on the inside.

Best Small Refrigerator

The best small refrigerator according to is the Haier cool blue color cube mini refrigerator and freezer. This catchy refrigerator can brighten a dorm room and family room. It is very stylish and functional at the same time. The capacity is 1.7 cu ft. Just perfect for keeping snacks and sodas in perfect condition! Put them in a little compact fridge and you're set.

Energy Efficient Mini Fridge - Compact Model

One of the consideration that you should be looking at before buying a mini fridge is the energy consumption. It should be energy efficient to lower the cost of electricity as well as to help save our environment. EnergyStar is one great brand that offers mini-fridge that answers energy efficiency. You could go to a local department store and ask what is best recommended.

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